Chris Harrison on the Cover of Carmel Magazine

Chris Harrison on the Cover of Carmel MagazineCarmel Magazines’ Holiday 2019 cover story features Chris Harrison, the host of ABC’s “The Bachelor” and of our wonderful gala this year.

Chris has long been an advocate for youth mental health through his work with the Grant Halliburton Foundation of Dallas. So he immediately understood the importance of AIM’s mission.

I think more and more you see this generation, my kids, there is so much more put on them, but at the same time…they are realizing mental health is huge.

But to our defense, the adults that were in that room, if you say, ‘Hey, what are you going to do to help the victims of Hurricane Dorian?’

Well, there’s a million things you can do, from Rubicon to Red Cross to DirectRelief…But if I say, ‘What do you do to help mental health? How do you help to prevent suicide?’ you’re kind of stumped…

It’s great that an organization like AIM or the Grant Halliburton Foundation is out there now, because there is a place to go, there is a place to give, there’s research being done, doctors are working on this…

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