When the year began, we decided to ask the youth themselves how to address the mental health crisis plaguing their generation. More than 1,500 children, teens, and young adults shared their experiences, ideas, recommendations, and hope.

300 middle and high school students created artistic expressions of their personal struggles and stories of healing. 136 teens volunteered more than 1,800 hours to design, conduct, and present their own peer-to-peer youth mental health data from surveys of hundreds of their friends.

What the youth told us was heartbreaking. Put simply, they need caring adults in their lives now more than ever. We had to do something.

Did you know? The #1 protective factor for youth mental health is a trusted adult.

This year alone, AIM has certified more than 400 teachers, parents, first responders, nurses, hairdressers, and coffee shop baristas in Youth Mental Health First Aid, a training that provides a five-step action plan on how to help young people struggling with their mental health.

We’re taking research out of the lab and into communities, especially underserved communities where children lack adequate mental health care. Our goal is that every young person has access to evidence-based mental health solutions where and when they need it.

As the year comes to a close, there is hope in our hearts for the future of youth struggling with their mental health. Our hope comes from you, our loyal supporters. Thank you for joining AIM in creating safe, caring communities where children can thrive and grow into healthy, happy adults.

With gratitude,

Susan Stilwell
Founder and Board Chair

Judy Smythe
Executive Director

Your support brings evidence-based mental health solutions to youth.