Lori Butterworth

Chief Executive Officer

AIM’s CEO, Lori Butterworth, is an award-winning nonprofit executive and one of the leading child advocates in the State of California. After 13 years as a bilingual educator in the inner-city, Lori discovered a dearth in emotional and practical support for children with cancer when a teaching colleague’s 5-year-old son was diagnosed with leukemia. In response, she built Jacob’s Heart Children’s Cancer Support Services from her kitchen table and transformed it into a multi-faceted family center, which has won multiple regional and national awards for its model of compassionate, family-centered care.

A life-long learner, Lori recently earned a Master of Liberal Arts, Psychology from Harvard University, and holds a Master of Education from University of Maryland and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California at Los Angeles.

Lori lives in Soquel, California with her husband, Joe, and their dog, Theo. Her greatest accomplishment in life is raising two amazing children, Matthew and Johanna, into thriving, compassionate adults and becoming the proud grandmother of William and Michael.

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AIM team member: VP of Operations, Lauren

Lauren Lindenbach

VP of Operations

Lauren brings a range of experience in operations, strategic partner program leadership, project management, client engagement, marketing, and professional selling among for profit endeavors. Most recently, Lauren served as Looker’s Revenue and Partner Program Operations Manager, overseeing their Professional Services team’s strategic integration within Google. She welcomes activities that require being a team player, and loves to enable and celebrate success of those she works with. Lauren’s transition to the nonprofit sector is inspired from her experience volunteering with charitable and community oriented organizations, as well as a passion to bring transformative solutions to scale small teams for big impact, leveraging her for profit background. She is committed to personal development and considers herself fortunate to facilitate AIM’s mission and movement for youth mental health. Outside of work, Lauren enjoys gardening, hiking, reading, and storytelling.

Photo of Sydney Stilwell

Sydney Stilwell

Co-Founder/ Manager, Marketing & Social Media

While a junior in high school, Sydney co-founded AIM Youth Mental Health. Her first mission—to bring together over 300 supporters for AIM’s inaugural AIM for Awareness Walk & Rally. Sydney graduated from the USC Marshall School of Business with a B.S. with an emphasis in entrepreneurship and lives in Los Angeles. She is passionate about people and friendships, and loves AIM mission and the youth mental health movement. Outside of work, she enjoys fly-fishing, skiing, hiking, photography, and traveling.

Tricia Wilkshire, AIM Ideas Lab Project Director

Tricia Wiltshire

AIM Ideas Lab Project Director

Tricia Wiltshire is a project manager with experience in developing programs and initiatives for organizations. She has successfully led public-private initiatives including cross-functional collaboration with top county government officials, community business leaders, local school districts, print and broadcast media, global philanthropic entities, and key volunteer organizations. She specializes in long-range visioning, adaptive problem solving, improving organizational efficiency and effectiveness, and innovation with application.  When she’s not working you can usually find her with a nose in a book, out tending her pet flock of bantam chickens, or hiking in the redwoods.

Jill Suttie, AIM Scientific Journalist

Jill Suttie

Science Journalist

Jill Suttie is a psychologist and science journalist covering social and psychological research focused on youth mental health. She joined the AIM team to write about cutting-edge research done by AIM-funded researchers whose findings provide evidence-based strategies for preventing and treating mental health disorders in children. Jill’s hope is that by helping uncover the keys to wellness in kids, it will improve their quality of life in school and beyond. In addition to her work at AIM, Jill is a staff writer and contributing editor for Greater Good magazine, a publication of the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley, where she has written about the science of a meaningful life and a cooperative, compassionate society for over 15 years. Her articles and book reviews have been featured in the Washington Post, Yes! Magazine, Mindful, Shareable, and more. Outside of work, she is an avid hiker and a singer/songwriter/recording artist, with two CD’s of original songs that can be found on her website: jillsuttie.com.

Photo of Alex Barnum, AIM Communications

Alex Barnum


Alex is a communications professional with decades of experience in journalism, media, and public affairs. He has served as a communications advisor to foundation, nonprofit and government leaders on a range of high-profile, complex issues. From 2013 to 2020, he was appointed by Governor Jerry Brown to direct communications and external affairs for the California Environmental Protection Agency. Before that, he managed communications initiatives for major foundations, including the James Irvine Foundation and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. An award-winning journalist, he was a reporter for the San Jose Mercury News and the San Francisco Chronicle, and served as the Chronicle’s editor for science, health, and environmental news. As a father, he is deeply committed to building mental health resilience among young people and AIM’s mission of helping those struggling with mental health through innovative, evidence-based care.

AIM Finance - Karen Davis

Karen Davis

Finance & Accountability

Karen Davis, owner of Quickbooks and Bookkeeping Services on the Monterey Peninsula, joined the AIM team to manage all financial needs and daily bookkeeping. As a mother of two sons, the need to drive forward toward finding youth mental health solutions through research resonates deeply with Karen. While not working, she enjoys cooking, outdoor activities, and spending time with her family and pets.