AIM for Awareness
Design Challenge

A HUGE thank you to every student who submitted a design to elevate the conversation on youth mental health, and those that have supported participation in the 2024 AIM for Awareness Design Challenge. We are inspired by the incredible talent and support in starting the youth mental health conversation.

The AIM team and Carmel Sunset Rotary Club showcased the over 200 designs on Wednesday May 1st at Carmel Sunset Center for the 4th Annual AIM Youth Mental Health Design Challenge Exhibition and Reception.

Scroll down to see the winners from the 2024 AIM for Awareness Ad Contest.

Selina Wen 11th Grade, Methodist Ladies' College

“I have several friends who are currently experiencing different level of mental illness. I have had conversations with them: they told me that sometimes they often felt that they have been trapped and that no one was able to help them. So I decided to include a girl with her reflection in my poster. The broken glass can be understood as a mirror and her broken self that has been hurt from the suffering of mental problems. Even that she (white) acts as a normal teenager, the real self (gray) is crying and trying to express all those feelings. I included the words and phrases from my conversation with my friends, they are all the real panic that teenagers with mental health problems are facing.”