Ways To Give

Our work is made possible because of your generous support.

There are several ways to give to AIM Youth Mental Health and help fund critical youth mental health research. Depending on your philanthropic goals a different form of charitable giving may work better for you. Click the sections below to learn more about each form of giving, or contact us for more information.


Become part of the solution, be an AIM sponsor 

Form a corporate or foundation partnership with AIM to show commitment to your community, reach new audiences, and align your brand with youth mental health.

Give Stock/Crypto

One of the most advantageous ways to contribute to AIM is through a gift of stock. Donate Stock or any other appreciated assets and receive valuable tax benefits:

  • You can donate appreciated stocks, bonds, or mutual funds
  • The total value of the stock upon transfer is tax deductible
  • There is no obligation to pay any capital gains taxes on the appreciation
Donor Advised Fund (DAF)

A donor advised fund (DAF) is a charitable giving program that allows you to combine the most favorable tax benefits with the flexibility to support your favorite causes. 

How does it work?

  • Establish your DAF by making an irrevocable, tax deductible donation to AIM.
  • Advise the investment allocation of the donated assets
  • Recommend grants to AIM, with the option of being recognized or remaining anonymous.

If you have one of the leading donor advised funds, DAF Direct enables you to recommend grants to AIM. Contact us for more information: [email protected].

Start a Fundraiser

Raise funds and awareness for AIM Youth Mental Health by starting a personal fundraiser.

Unleash your creativity! There are many ways to support AIM, and organizing a fundraiser is a perfect way to involve your family, friends, and community in the excitement.

Events serve as powerful tools to both raise awareness and collect funds. Arrange a 5K run, a community bake sale, or any other engaging event to generate funds that will make a positive impact on the lives of youth.

Planned Giving

Your bequest will help AIM bring hope to the more than 1 in 5 youth struggling with their mental health. Planned giving helps you meet your personal, financial, and estate planning goals by making a current or future gift to AIM. 

Here are the different ways to make a gift: 

  • Naming AIM in your will
  • Declaring AIM a beneficiary of your 401(k), 403(b), or IRA plan
  • Creating a Charitable Remainder Trust

The easiest way to remember AIM in a will or living trust is through a charitable bequst. You do not have to rewrite your current documents. You simply add an amendment, called a codicil, to your will or living trust. Here is some suggested language you can have your attorney review: 

“I give devise and bequeath to AIM Youth Mental Health (tax I.D. #47-3992060), located in Carmel, California, the sum of ________dollars ($________)(…or state a percentage of your estate, or describe real or personal property, including exact location) for the benefit of its general purposes (or outline an AIM-specific initiative).”

Your bequest is entirely under your control during life and becomes irrevocable only at death. 

Cause Marketing Partner

Highlight your brand or business’s commitment to youth mental health by donating a portion of proceeds to AIM Youth Mental Health. 

Find out how we can support your efforts by emailing [email protected].