Our Team

Jill Suttie

Science Writer

Jill Suttie is a psychologist and science journalist covering social and psychological research focused on youth mental health. She joined the AIM team to write about cutting-edge research done by AIM-funded researchers whose findings provide evidence-based strategies for preventing and treating mental health disorders in children. Jill’s hope is that by helping uncover the keys to wellness in kids, it will improve their quality of life in school and beyond.

In addition to her work at AIM, Jill is a staff writer and contributing editor for Greater Good magazine, a publication of the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley, where she has written about the science of a meaningful life and a cooperative, compassionate society for over 15 years. Her articles and book reviews have been featured in the Washington Post, Yes! Magazine, Mindful, Shareable, and more.

Outside of work, she is an avid hiker and a singer/songwriter/recording artist, with two CD’s of original songs that can be found on her website: jillsuttie.com.

Jill Suttie, AIM Scientific Journalist