Our Team

Olivia Schultheis, MPA

Program Director, Youth Mental Health First Aid

Olivia has experience working in many different non-profit organizations. She’s motivated to work for a mission she believes in. In 2015, Olivia received her B.A. in Environmental Studies with a minor in Education from CU Boulder. Her love for the outdoors led her to Jackson, Wyoming where she immersed herself in the non-profit and public sector.

Her experience working with at-risk youth in a group-home setting spurred her passion for mental health as well as reducing the stigma surrounding it. Since working in the group home she has been a vocational rehabilitation coach for people with physical and mental disabilities. She has experience working with children on the autism spectrum using ABA therapy, and was the Operations Manager for an organization that supported people affected by sexual assault, domestic violence and stalking. Since 2018, Olivia has been a volunteer Crisis Counselor for Crisis Text Line, an international crisis support hotline. She has helped over 300 people experiencing a crisis go from a hot moment to a cool calm via text. In 2021, she received her Masters in Public Administration with an emphasis in Global Management and Leadership from Portland State University.

She is a life-long advocate for the health of her community and the environment around her. Olivia finds her happiest and most grounding moments out in nature. She loves to garden, tend to her chickens, mountain bike and float the rivers.