The AIM Idea’s Lab

Have you ever wondered...

“Can I make a difference in finding youth mental health solutions?”

“How can I share my experience with youth mental health researchers?”

“How can I talk with my friends about mental health in a way that is safe and helpful?”

The AIM Ideas Lab Experience

AIM Youth Mental Health invites high school students in Monterey County to take part in AIM Ideas Lab: a virtual, Youth Participatory Action Research project focused on mental health advocacy.
Launching January 2022.
Earn community service hours while working with other teens to conduct your own mental health research and make recommendations to policy makers, researchers, and your community about how to address the youth mental health crisis that is growing in the wake of COVID.

High School Students

AIM Ideas Lab is about elevating the teen perspective in mental health research. It provides a unique opportunity for high school students to help drive youth mental health research because:
  • Researchers need to know what is important to you
  • You have life experience
  • Your perspective matters
You can make a difference in the future of youth mental health by participating in AIM Ideas Lab, a Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR) program because you will:
  • Learn about current youth mental health research
  • Identify areas of interest important to you and your friends
  • Assist in conducting peer research that aims to support youth mental health 
  • Work with small teams of other high school students to develop and present a project to guide mental health research priorities 
  • Learn how to access resources to support youth mental health 
  • Earn community service hours 
Join the movement to improve youth mental health.

Educators & Student Support Organizations

If you know students in Monterey and Santa Cruz Counties who would be interested in participating in AIM Ideas Lab which launches January 2022, please reach out to AIM Youth Mental Health at or call 831-372-1600.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the AIM Ideas Lab?

AIM Ideas Lab is a project-based Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR) program designed to raise the voices of teens and ignite their advocacy in discovering youth mental health solutions.

Who can participate?

Teens (ages 14-18) in Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties are eligible to participate in the AIM Ideas Lab.

Does this program qualify for community service hours?

Upon the successful completion of AIM Ideas Lab, students will be given a certificate of completion from AIM Youth Mental Health.

Participation in AIM Ideas Lab will earn between 10-15 community service hours. You will also be able to mention your involvement in the program on your resume and college applications. 

If you are a student or school counselor and have any questions about how participation in AIM Ideas Lab qualifies for community service, please contact us directly at or 831-372-1600.

How long is the AIM Ideas Lab and what are the participation requirements?

AIM Ideas Lab will launch January 2022 and will consist of a series of virtual Zoom group meetings with individual project research work between sessions.  Students will be required to attend all meetings and do the required project work in order to receive a certificate of participation.  It is estimated the time commitment will be approximately 10-15 hours.

Is this program free?

Yes, there are no application fees to join.

How do I have my friends also participate in the AIM Ideas Lab?

High school students in Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties are encouraged to participate in AIM Ideas Lab, feel free to encourage a friend to join you. Everyone is welcome to participate! 

What technology is needed for accessing the AIM Ideas Lab?

AIM Ideas Lab meetings will be conducted virtually, via Zoom.  You will need to access the internet using a computer. Attending via audio / phone is not recommended. Please contact or call 831-372-1600 for any questions or requests for technical support or sponsored access.

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