Hi, it’s AIM! Reintroducing Ourselves

By Meadowlark Monaghan
AIM Youth Advisory Board Member


We are beyond thrilled to announce we have upgraded our visual identity, with many thanks to our friends at FISK.

We are beyond thrilled to announce we have upgraded our visual identity, with many thanks to our friends at FISK.  

Our vision at AIM is simple: a world of mentally healthy youth. 

We contribute to this collective vision by bridging the gap between research and access to care for youth mental health support. For us, this looks like: finding, funding, and implementing evidence-based treatments, empowering youth to discover their own solutions, and training caring adults to create safe communities. We’re proud of our connection to our community of donors, parents, mental health professionals, researchers, schools, and especially, our youth

In this next phase of our organization, we wanted to imbue the youth even further into our discernable identity. Thankfully, we found just the people to help us do so. 

FISK is a full-service creative studio focused on the enhancement of art and design into our daily lives. They value mental health and immediately understood our inspiration for transforming our organization into a hub for youth to engage with resources and research directly—visually giving the youth an even bigger seat at the table. We believe that together, we did just that. We hope that you see it too. 

Our upgraded design and imagery evokes a youthful sense of hope balanced with the responsibility we have to support them. 

“With the identity, we wanted it to feel like a friend you could lean on. We wanted the design to feel neutral, comfortable, safe, and trustworthy while of course making it feel contemporary and relevant to todays human.” —Bijan Berahimi, founder of FISK 

Our playful color palette that arranges content categorically provides a sense of joy and organization—inviting youth to interact with our site’s amazing student opportunities, learn about the latest AIM-funded research, and discover new evidence-based tools in our blog

“Whether you’ve been with us since the beginning or are discovering AIM today, we’re so excited to (re)introduce ourselves with a fresh, vibrant look. In 2014, AIM was founded to fund clinical research to find better treatments and early interventions to help youth struggling with their mental health. In the last few years, we started asking the youth themselves how to address the mental health crisis plaguing their generation with our youth engagement and empowerment programs.

Now, as we unveil our new identity, we combine hope, optimism, and clinical expertise to pave the way for continued growth. Our revamped look creates a more informative experience, enhancing our role as a valuable resource for youth and their families. We hope you love it!” —Sydney Stilwell, Director of Marketing at AIM


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We are beyond thrilled to announce we have upgraded our visual identity, with many thanks to our friends at FISK.

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